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Super Ladder Wall Brace

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Super Ladder Wall Brace


The Super Ladder Wall Brace can be used to brace the ladder against the wall. It has been designed to be a 30 cm or 60cm stand off depending what you need.

When you use your Rob the Tool man Super Ladder as an extension ladder it goes onto the top few rungs of your ladder depending where you want to brace your ladder. The two arms of the Wall Brace are designed like a L and can be joined from either end. The black caps on the ends of the arms pop out and go into the the side of the arm that’s against the wall, so you don’t damage what you are working on. They ┬ámake your Super Ladder is safer so if you are leaning a ladder against your roof you don’t damage your gutters and because they give you a 30cm or 60cm stand off distance from the wall it makes it easier to clean your gutters or any other job you have to do.

The Super Ladder Wall Brace weighs 1.5 kg and is are made of aluminium with plastic wall caps and bolts that clamp on to your ladder. The arms slide into the wall brace a bolt keeps them secure.

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 70 × 33 × 7 cm


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Very good50%

Great Aussie Made


Spoke with Rob after having a few questions and he was extremely helpful and had great knowledge. Got back to me straight away via text and phone call and it was so easy to order online. Looking forward to using my ladder plus it is Australian made.

Thanks so much Rob!!!


Thank you, Awesome Store


Best Product I every bought