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Super Ladder Ladder Leveller

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Super Ladder Ladder Leveller


The Ladder Leveller is designed to keep you safe when your are working on an uneven surface. It clamps on to the outside leg of you Super Ladder and adjusts so that you can have from 1mm to 60cm extra on the ladder leg its attached too. Ladder Leveller can be used on spiral stairs or a landing area, one side of the ladder might be on a higher step the other could be on two steps below by using your Ladder Leveller a very difficult job is now possible  with out using a trades person saving you hundreds of dollars.

The Ladder Leveller is perfect for outside use, the ground could be uneven and without the Ladder Leveller what you needed to do with your ladder could be very dangerous

Having two Ladder Levellers means you can use your Super Ladder when your ladder would normally be in a dangerous angle and of course unstable, now you are safe and your ladder is in the right position and balanced how it should be with the use of two Ladder Levellers.

Two Ladders levellers can also increase your Super Ladder overall length when its an extension ladder clamp them on to the sides that’s are on the ground and it can increase the height by up to 60cm. this will increase the first rung height to what ever you add on though.

The Ladder Leveller is made of aluminium it has a anti skid feet they clamp onto your Super Ladder, and  they also clamp onto the Ladder Leveller leg, being a clamp make sure they have been tightened correctly or use something for leverage through the triangle to help you turn the clamp. The Ladder Leveller weighs 1.3 kgs.

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 67 × 12 × 9 cm


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Very good50%

Great Aussie Made


Spoke with Rob after having a few questions and he was extremely helpful and had great knowledge. Got back to me straight away via text and phone call and it was so easy to order online. Looking forward to using my ladder plus it is Australian made.

Thanks so much Rob!!!


Thank you, Awesome Store


Best Product I every bought